Episode 43: FM Samo’s Office Shenanigans

Ed is in a caravan this week, and George can’t remember where. He also admits his hatred of sunlight. But it’s okay because we’re joined once again by Chris “Samo” Samson from Occasional Football Manager. He’s hiding at work as he talks to us.

George came up with this week’s question, because of his history with the game – what’s the one thing in your FM save that always goes horribly wrong?

Chris’s big one is forgetting to do the real name fix when he starts up a save. George admits he does the same, because he’s an idiot apparently.

Tactics-wise Chris’s big fallibility is his tactics. Again, he thinks there might be a way around this problem, but he just forgets to do it. George keeps buying players he doesn’t need just because they’re for sale, and forgetting to set up his back room staff properly. Again, because he’s an idiot.

Then we take a run at all of this stuff as well –

  • We talk about getting players to sack their agents. And how it’s working quite well for managing budgets and keeping your players in line.
  • Chris tells us about his save with Greenock Morton. He’s in the ’22/’23 season, which is the furthest he’s been into a save for a long while. He’s won the domestic treble two years in a row, which is pretty impressive. He’s having trouble breaking through in Europe though.
  • George’s Benfica save is going okay. They’re joint top of the league, he’s been playing around with a variety of different formations. Set pieces have been his downfall so far though.
  • Then we have a talk about the Versus series that Chris is running. It’s essentially a way for members of the FM content community to play against each other.

And there’s a whole load more going on as well. You can listen to it all in the SoundCloud player below, or if you’d prefer head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.