Episode 49: Under FM Pressure

The audio quality is a little wonky on the podcast this time round, mainly because George was in an airport. But he gives a heartfelt apology, so you can’t get too mad.

We’re one episode away from the 50 milestone. George gives us a George fact about airports, and we’re joined by FM Pressure aka James.

This week’s question is about the most heartbreaking moments we’ve had in Football Manager. George talks about a recent heartbreak in the Champions League final with Benfica. And blames it all on an 18 year old.

James talks us about a last game tragedy with Auxerre that saw PSG nicking the league on goals scored. You can hear the heartbreak in his voice.

Ed talks about a Norwich save in FM14. Everything was going quite well, but then new owners decided that they were going to replace him with David Moyes. And then he had a terrible time and got sacked. Moyes didn’t last long either.

Then we’ve got all of this excellent content as well –

  • George is still seething about his Champions League loss. But he’s impressed with the way his team got there. The Portuguese league continues to bow to his excellent Benfica team though.
  • Ed hasn’t played all that much for a variety of reasons. But he has been using his blog post-writing to take a closer look at how his tactics are going. The planning application is in for his 74,000 seater stadium too.
  • James is going great guns with Auxerre. He’s won the league, breaking up the PSG monopoly that’s been running for most of his save. And that’s despite the fact Auxerre is a selling club under his guidance.
  • And then we have a chat about the merits of youth versus experience.

There’s shovel-fulls of other great stuff too, and you can listen to it all in the SoundCloud player below. Or head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.