Episode 54: Brexit at Tiffany’s

This week Ed and George are a bit sad because they can’t watch any football. And we might be making the whole thing a bit of a metaphor for a certain Brexit referendum.

There’s no guest this week, but as usual we don’t let that slow us down, or speed us up. Slow and steady wins the race, whatever that means.

This week’s question is all about the best players you’ve signed who ended up getting blocked at the work permit stage. Ed leads with Martin Palermo, who had 19 shooting back in the day, but was always thwarted at the last hurdle. In fact South America has always been a bit of a stumbling block for him.

George isn’t as much of a bargain hunter as Ed, but yet again the examples that he gives are based in South America. Although he did have trouble with signing a Serbian whose name he can’t remember, and then accidentally ignored reading everything and had to send him out to an affiliate club for three years.

And then there’s all of this amazing stuff as well –

  • Ed’s still trying to get through to July 2027 and see a stadium built emblazoned with his name. Two failed takeovers, including one that wanted to replace him with Ashley Young, have been and gone.
  • A third takeover, this time fronted by a tycoon, is in motion as well. Oh and he managed to win the Premier League in March after 21 unbeaten games at the start of the season. The whole thing could be coming to an end pretty soon though.
  • George’s save is a bit of a mixed bag. Clear at the top of the league as usual with only one goal conceded. There are problems in the cups though, including a humiliating defeat at the hands of a team from the league below in the Portuguese cup.
  • And then we have a chat about homegrown versus international players and which we prefer. It might even be both. Ed also advocates stealing.

There’s a whole load of other stuff going on as well, so sit back and have a listen on the SoundCloud player below. Or, if you’d prefer, head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.