Episode 61: Talisca can do one

Ed’s back this week, apparently with a kerbang, whatever that means. He’s joined as always-ish by George, and this week’s guest is Kev Chapman.

Kev is a FM Youtuber and Twitch streamer who you can follow on Twitter. And if you wondered where that name came from, well you should listen to the podcast and find out.

This week’s question of the week, which Ed came up with (because George couldn’t be bothered), is all about FM17. And it goes something like this – what aspect of Football Manager would you like to see the new version do better?

Kev would like keepers to be a bit better – he’s sick of crosses ending up in the top corner. And he’d like picture in picture so he can keep track of results elsewhere on the last day of the season.

George would like more variety in the press conferences. Because, well he’s a press person. He doesn’t want to say “the orange is completely in the tree”, but he would like a few more choices for things to tell the press in the game.

Whereas Ed wants to see player interactions getting better. He’s pretty sure that managers and players talk quite a lot in real life, so he thinks it’d be nice to get a little more choice in that department.

And if you want more, you’re in luck, because there’s all of this good stuff too.

  • Kev talks us through the Peterborough save he’s doing for his channel. It’s called Managing Posh. And it started because his laptop exploded.
  • He’s two thirds of the way through his first season in League 1. It’s not going brilliantly, which is upsetting Kev a bit because he supports Peterborough.
  • George is still bashing on with Benfica. He went on a pre-season tour to England, Where he played non-league sides and scored more than 30 goals.
  • He’s won his first five games, hasn’t conceded any goals in the league, and won the Super Cup. He’s tweaked his tactics as well. They sound like they’re working.
  • However he is upset with Talisca, who is annoyed with him because he’s not strengthening the team. Even though he is demonstrably strengthening the team. He is a bit worried that his unhappiness might become infectious. He also talks about shutting cake holes.
  • Ed’s save has been up and down, but mostly up in recent times. He’s just finished his third season with Torino, and he’s been playing around with his tactics to keep up his interest.

There’s loads of other stuff going on as well, and you can check it all out in the Soundcloud player below. Or if you’d prefer wander over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.