Episode 62: A Look At The FM Engine

George and Ed return, and this week they’re joined by Daljit who has a lot of synonyms. You might know him as Bust the Net. And we start off with a bit of an apology for being useless last week.

Daljit gives us some background on who he is, and how he started playing Football Manager by accident. He didn’t even own a computer when the bug first bit him about a quarter of a century ago. 

And when we say the big bit we do mean bit hard. A four day FM binge, ignoring pizza and then getting involved with SI in the actual creation of the FM series. Then we have a Homes Under The Hammer-style cliffhanger. No idea.

This week’s question is all about getting hit in the face by the transfer deadline day. Has the movement of players changed your mind about who you’re going to play as in the next version of FM?

Daljit decides that because of the amount of money in the English game he’s going to ignore that completely. Instead he’s keeping on with Torino and wants to see if Joe Hart can get a place in his line up.

Ed thinks the deals that have been done have swayed him towards Inter Milan, because Gabigol. Some other signings at the San Siro have caught his eye as well.

And George decides to go for Hull. Because they’ve got a small budget, they’re weak, they don’t have many players and that sounds like exactly the sort of ridiculous challenge that he likes to go for. But he might go Ateltico Madrid, to keep the memories going.

But if that isn’t enough for you there’s also all of this excellent stuff for you to wrap your ears all the way round.

  • Ed left Torino because he wasn’t having that much fun. And then he goes into a lot of detail about why he wasn’t having that much fun. It’s because he fell out of love. And now he’s in-between saves.
  • So he’s thinking about having a bit of fun with one of the big teams to see how big of a victory he can manage. Real Madrid maybe?
  • Daljit has just finished his fifth season with Torino and is kicking off the sixth. He got a bit upset by Benfica knocking him out of the first round of the Champions League. And he reckons it’s because of the weird tactic that Benfica was using.
  • George hasn’t done all that much with his Benfica save other than swapping a couple of tactics around. But he’s a bit upset with the schedule.
  • And then we have a super in-depth chat about the FM match engine. From why it’s important to how it’s evolved. And there’s some proper knowledge in there.

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